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Flooring is important for a few reasons. It makes a space feel finished. It also adds value, creates a feeling of comfort, and makes a space unique. Flooring projects may include hardwood (oak, maple, pine, bamboo, cherry), carpet, rugs, laminate, click, floating, tile, vinyl sheets, and vinyl tiles. Installation may require a professional or in some cases can be done by the homeowner. There are a couple things to consider when you’re ready for a project that involves flooring. Like, who is going to install the flooring? Some people choose to do all, or a large portion, of the work themselves. Instructions for DIY flooring installations can be found online on sites like YouTube and Family Handyman. Even if you don’t have the skills to complete the project, you may be able to save on your labor bills by prepping the area beneath the floor, picking up materials, or disposing of the trash at the end of each day yourself. If this interests you, you’ll want to choose a flooring installer who is open to receiving this type of assistance.

Your building contractor may be able to help with some parts of your flooring installation. He or she could prepare the area, replace old rotted sub-floor materials, or move the flooring near the rooms where it’s going to be installed. You may not be saving money by doing this, but if your flooring installer is delayed, your contractor can help everyone stick to the timeline. The laws in each state and town are different, and there are areas where flooring installers aren’t required to be licensed or certified. So make sure you know the reputation of the contractor you hire, especially if he or she is going to be working inside your home or business. And agree on a firm estimate or contract before the work begins to avoid problems in the future.

Flooring installation professionals have different strengths and business strategies. They may have the right tools and equipment to install hardwood, which requires cutting, sanding, and a liquid coating such as polyurethane. They may be set up for laminate flooring, which involves measuring and cutting. Or they may have the stretching and stapling tools required to install carpets. Larger flooring installation companies will have all of this equipment and more.

What do you plan to do? Have a clear idea of your vision and end goal. Communicate it clearly and early to your flooring installer. Make a plan together for how the project will be completed, knowing that this plan may evolve throughout the project. He or she may be able to suggest new technology, special tools, or other ideas to save you time and money.

When should you schedule the work to be done? In new construction or remodeling, there are different ideas about when to install flooring. Many contractors like to install the final flooring before the interior door trim is installed and before interior doors are hung. However, when done in this order, many workers end up walking and carrying materials across the floor before the job is completed, and the risk for damage is high. To prevent issues when contractors use this strategy, a layer of protective covering such as rosin paper or cardboard is often taped to the floor. There is a risk that sand or other debris could get underneath this protective covering so not all contractors use this strategy. The finished floor needs to be installed before plumbers can set toilets and cabinets that hold sinks.

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